Rejuvenate and update your kitchen to reflect your personality

Kitchen designs, trends and tastes change over the years. Replacing an existing Kitchen with a new one can be a stressful and costly affair.

Why not escape the disruption to your home and numerous hassles associated with replacing your kitchen, when you can delight in a “stylish fresh look” kitchen matched to your personal specifications with minimal disruption by respraying!!

With our innovative Respray techniques, it’s not what your furniture is made of it’s what we can make it!!

Our unique method of respraying will ensure a striking, durable, smooth and beautiful finish that will not fade, chip or crack and will make you feel as if you have walked into a transformed room.

Create your own distinctive look and feel by choosing from a variety of high quality sheen paint finishes, which have a spectacular appearance and decrease the likelihood of the paint cracking or peeling.


Some options for finishes

Satin: 30-45% sheen

Matt: 10-15% sheen


We stock 100’s of colours. We can also mix colours according to your request.

kitchen colours


Our finished are extremely durable due to the special paint formula developed specifically for our refurbishment process.

As with most surfaces, reasonable care must be taken to avoid stains and damage from cleaning, moisture, heat and ultra-violet light.

  • Immediately clean any spatter or moisture to avoid staining or swelling.
  • Use a smooth damp cloth to wipe surfaces. Avoid cloths or sponges that are rough that would scour surfaces.
  • For more persistent stains it is best to use a mild detergent – avoid bleach, ammonia and alcohol-based cleaning products.