We have been designing and manufacturing hand crafted high end bespoke furniture pieces for households and corporates for over 40 years. Our diverse range of skills and extensive experience has enabled us to branch out into Kitchen Revitalisations.

Research has shown that the kitchen adds the most value to your home. It is worth the most per square meter than any other room in your home. The value that you create now will increase in time.

When you walk into a kitchen the first thing you notice is the cabinets. Cabinetry is at the top of the percentage of kitchen costs, however also shows the most returns. Instead of wasting large amounts of money on buying new ones, give your old cabinets a slight “makeover” and enable them to look beautiful once again.

Mario Garofoli in the Garofoli factory

Our Heritage

Mario Garofoli co-founded Wood Creations in 1976. The company pioneered the production of moulded laminated components for use in furniture manufacture in South Africa. From the inception, it was the company’s focus to produce furniture that was both aesthetically pleasing and of the highest quality.

In 2005, Mario Garofoli founded Garofoli Bespoke, which designs and manufactures bespoke/custom made hand crafted furniture – classic traditional woodwork reflected in contemporary designs.

We are a forward thinking family business.

Our Factory

We have a dedicated factory in Johannesburg where we've been manufacturing bespoke furniture for over 20 years. All kitchen and office furniture is taken to our factory where the the items are restored and resprayed.

Our Team

We are very fortunate to have an incredibly experienced and capable team, comprised of skilled artisans, cabinetry makers and spray painters, whom have been loyal members of our business for a number of years. Our clients appreciate their professionalism, friendly demeanours and commitment to quality.